Summary of the Reading Challenge 2016 and a Tip for 2017


When 2016 started, I did not set reading goal right away, rather I was enjoying and reading. Sometime during the spring it occurred to me to set an actual goal, as I had vague idea that the more concrete and specific the goal is it might actually happen.

Before, I had not dared to dream what would happen if I would succeed. In retrospective the feeling to have reading such books, makes me want to grasp in breath… Experience of reading essentially 36 books that I wanted to read the most at the time is definitive.

Today, I could not think of living without reading these books.

There are still so many books that I want to read, the more I read the more I want to know.

Colleague asked me, isn’t it dangerous to read so much, can’t it numb your own thinking? Well for sure it can, I still view nonfiction books as higher quality content than TV-shows for example.

What I like about books, is the whole process: from selecting the book to the finishing it. Writing a book is hard work and thus reading a book written by author or a few forms already quite personal connection with those people. I feel like reading a book as really connecting experience. TV-shows and movies have the same effect, however with most books the connection is even deeper, because reading a book is larger investment of our precious time for many.

So now, new year & new challenges. This year I intend to keep reading mostly nonfiction still, with a few interesting stories mixed in there. Actually anything that happens to interest me at the time. There are about 80 books on my Goodreads to-read list at the moment, and none really that I ‘ve “burning desire” to read… Tom Rath’s “Are You Fully Charged” –was such a book, and because it wasn’t available on Kindle I was quite disappointed until I finally decide to try Audible.

For this 2017 I discovered the joy of audiobooks after a long time, with the highly recommended twist to increase reading speed a bit. My preferred setting is somewhere between 1.6X – 1.8X so I can still done some chores or whatever on the side and still grasp what’s going on.

Currently all three books I’ve finished this year have been audiobooks, although I’ve couple interesting ones on Kindle as well.

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