Increase Your Liberties with Alternatives


Alternatives always put you in better position. People will sense a person with alternatives, and thus will treat such person in more respectable manner.

Core lesson from the game of Go: group with more liberties will not lose.

In the big picture of life, I do not believe in winning or losing. Rather I would prefer persisting. Persistence in itself is success in life. Those that persist are in fact alive.

Go is the game of power of influence. Power and influence are fluid, they may change quickly and flexibly to meet the needs of the surrounding world. If you then have lots of liberties in life, you too are very fluid to change together with the times.

This can be applied to whole life, professional and personal.

I.e. Buddhist monks have lots of liberties, because they work with their mind to overcome unnecessary attachment and on the other hand they work on their compassion, so that that each day they will earn goodwill through their efforts. As a result, they do not need much luxury and their needs are few. Also the goodwill they build each day far exceeds that which they need in the upcoming days, so their minds can be at ease.

When I was curious about identity I read somewhere that the more specific titles we set to ourselves, the more we limit our thinking.  Classic example is identifying too much which specific job title, and then getting laid off from there can cause a big hole in our lives. Remembering that we and our lives have plenty of others things as well is beneficial and healthy, and does give us more liberties as well.

As far as I can see, there are two bottlenecks: either we cannot full well describe what we do or we do too little.

When we cannot describe what we do, means we are so busy doing that we haven’t really taken time to consider what is the impact of the work in a big scheme of things. This is easily fixed by taking a moment to reflect upon the work and what kind competencies we are actually using there. Reflecting and thinking about the work will broaden thinking and deepen our understanding.

The other bottleneck of doing too little, could be rephrased as not having any strong identity outside of the work for example. Time is our greatest leverage, so using that time outside of with hobbies and activities is important in the long run. At best the free time activities are different and yet helpful, after all everything in the world is connected somehow.

There are always better alternatives too. Yet we should make the choice to build and reveal those patiently bit by bit, instead of relying the chances of a whim. Having liberties does not mean that we have to use them. Be wise and patient, and you have opportunities to do more.

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