Past Story May or May Not Become Present Story


We can learn a lot from the past. Yet we should keep open mind for the future, because future does not necessarily follow the same paths as the past. We should be wise enough to avoid the pitfalls, and then be mindful enough to live in the present to be able to be on our wisest in present.

Future flows to present inevitably. We do not know how it will fit, but it surely will.

We might be inspired the stories of yesterday, and despair because we do not see how we can live up to that story. Yet we should forget the stories of yesterday, and focus to the stories of today.

Possibilities in the present are abundant.

Each of our story is unique, and not limited to the possibilities of the past, for we have the possibilities of the present moment.

What we may imagine, may become. Let’s not be fixed to the past, let’s imagine something more beautiful in the present.

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