Work is a Vehicle to Our Dreams


I started my new year in unlikely ways in a party and when I wake up I realize I’ve slept through half of the day. To me this was once in a year occasion and therefore felt out of character since it has been a while. Because of this different kind of experience, I felt my clarity on my life for the upcoming year to sharpen: I am willing to sacrifice for my purpose and my purpose has meaning to me.

I have a plan and I am willing to work for that plan, I feel like the completely opposite of that feeling about six months ago, when I wrote the Ode to the Laziness. As I read glanced through the text yesterday, I had managed to capture essence of something great in that text: laziness is connected to the meaninglessness of the action.

In life, there is resistance to do what would benefit us. Resistance does exist and sometimes is exceedingly strong, so that we even fail to see the relevance of taking action.

Failing to see the relevance of actions is the main cause of meaninglessness. We all yearn for meaning, accomplishing or taking steps towards that meaning create emotions of fulfillment, joy and fun.

There is nothing wrong with the feeling of laziness. It is merely telling us that, we lack understanding of where we are, where we want to go and knowledge of are we truly progressing that direction?

While answering these questions might feel very frustrating, doing fun things to distract ourselves from these questions is not really an answer either. Now with the power of retrospective wisdom I know that there are two types of fun: fun that we do to distract ourselves from the meaningful and the fun and joy that comes from progressing towards the meaning.

I prefer the second one to the first one any day. Therefore, I am willing to sacrifice the first one all the times for the second one.

Any dream can be turned into a goal, and for any goal there is something we can do today. Doing that something for the goal, could be then called work.

Clarify your dream. Dare to dream. Break it down into goals and break those goals into actions. Take up upon those actions and work on them each day with a smile in your face, because you are in fact progressing towards your dreams.

What is holding you back? Most commonly people complain about lack of resources.

In the book, Richest Man in the Babylon, George Clason suggests a simple cure for the lean purse: make habit of it to keep 10 % of your monthly earnings to yourself. Keep the 10% and make it work for you. This simple thought itself, is enough to create resources for you.

This alone will motivate you eventually to work harder, because hard work creates surplus for everyone.

What do you deem worthwhile in life? I am sure that many of the things you do today, can help you progress towards that worthwhile goal.

Sometimes we forget that our actions matter in our own journeys to the worthwhile goals and dreams. Remembering is important. Remember why, make it crystal clear. Write it down, somewhere where you inevitably see it each morning.

We need to remember the most important things. Only way to remember is to remind ourselves.

Remember: work is the vehicle to our dreams.

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