Mental Preparation for the Year Long Goals


New calendar year is about to start and in essence, although it does not change peoples’ lives, it is a change. It represents the fact that time flows from the future to the present. We do not get younger each day.

We might choose how to behave and react, what beliefs to hold about the age. Age shouldn’t be excuse not to do something.

If we want something, we need to do. And in order to do and accomplish we require the time and energy to do it. We need to design our life so that when in our calendar is the designated spot to do something, we are at our best: we are warmed up and ready to go.

Therefore, as New Year is now starting, we need to be really picky about what kind of goals we are about to set for ourselves. We have limited time and energy, so be extra picky about it.

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” – Warren Buffet

I like yearlong goals. Time units are quite intuitive to me, so I prefer yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Therefore now that I accomplished my yearly goal of reading 36 books this year, I am a bit unsure about my reading goal for the next year. I thought raising this goal would be an automatic.

After thinking about this and reflecting on it, I understood it is not necessary right away to raise it. Just like in many cases, when I reach it I may raise it. Eventually I did come to a compromise by setting the next years goal to 40 books. It’s not as practical as three books each month, however I reasoned that it is essentially 3 books each month plus one extra for each quarter. That made enough sense for me to try.

Reading habit is really important to me, it’s the most important investment for my life. Reading expands my horizons like nothing else. Readings connects me with people unlike anything else. It is simply amazing.

I am still a bit dazzled that I was able to read as many books as I did during this year. To reach my goal next year, I need to manage my energy and time a whole lot better. I need to keep eliminating distractions and creating more fulfilling routines and habits.

Most importantly I think the habit of relating to the people will come in mind. Yesterday I wrote about focus and how the ability to direct focus is responsible for our achievement. Indeed, the simple things like this: keeping the focus and using the limited time to that which matters does make all the difference in the world.

I need to learn to say no to much of the energy and time sapping micro routines that exist and learn to remember my goals at all times. My goals are worth sacrificing for, because in the end I am looking to put as many people as possible on the path of sustainable growth.

For the upcoming year I’ve to say “no” to lots of things; so that I can have time for what matters. Probably first things to study would be to how to refuse more kindly, I guess some Ajahm Brahn and William Ury is on my reading list.

However, despite needing to focus my time, attention and energy to the values, virtues and goals ahead, I am looking focus those few things with my full attention and effort. Whatever I am deciding to do I will do it with my full focus.

Decide carefully what you are going to say yes to. Decide that whatever you decide, you will achieve it. Remember you can always later raise the goals. Set the goals so that they will be achieved.

Year is a short time only 8760 hours, may your growth be sustainable.

Happy New Year!


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