Focus on Your Goal and What Are You Going to Do About It


Our ability to direct focus determines so much what we can achieve.

This morning I woke up without alarm after five a.m. and at first I was about to succumb into the sand pit of news and everything. Then I realize that this is not exactly a good way to start the morning.

I’ve taken measures to limit reading the news and the time spent on social media, but the limit of ten minutes is always reset in the morning. When I realized this habit, I immediately closed of the pages and asked myself what I am doing? I clearly needed to remind myself of what today is about.

Dreams are nice, goals are better. After remembering what the goal is, know what are you gonna do for that goal today.

Leadership is reminding. Since we are our own leaders, we need to remind ourselves about what we are able to do. With this, I think I need to heavily modify my home office to aid me in this task of remembering. Writing goals down is effective, putting that goal to somewhere visible is even more effective.

Seeing the tiny, everyday progress towards the goal is beneficial, and psychologically important, so visualizing is great idea.

It’s easier to drop the distractions once you know your big goal and what you have to do for it today.

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