Learning from Stress



Much of the results we achieve each day are dependent on how we can handle stress and what our relation to stress is.

Personally I’ve come to think that the how very important. Even so important we could ask it several times in five why’s fashion how, how, how, how and how? How do we respond to stress tells so much about our beliefs, decisions, priorities and choices. How we react matters, even though under stress it might seem uncontrollable, however that tells us that we believe the stress is something bigger than us.

On the other hand there are people who respond to stress in quite different way, with focus and clarity to what they can control. Many of my colleagues are such people and it is indeed very pleasure to work with them.

Stress is merely a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Tension then is the act of stretching or straining.

When walking the middle way, we recognize that too much or too little of anything is likely to have negative cause to our life. To grow need to stretch, but also recover.

To know when we are having too much stress is to simple observe our stress reactions: when reactions start to become harmful, it is time to take some time to calm down, and take a deep breath.

In life, all situations affect each other and thus they form the totality of our stress load. I.e. relationships do affect work and vice versa. When traveling, under pressure and enough many things go wrong.

Recognizing how our own stress reactions and what do we do with it is helpful to know if there is anything we could perhaps to do more skillfully in the future? Also objectively observing the stress reactions from people close to us, will reveal valuable clues and insights how we can live in harmony in the future.

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