Richness is the Head and Heart Acquired by Hands


Most influential thought I have had is the moment I realized if to live, then for what? Concept that richness is not money, it’s something more, richness of personality, mind and heart.

No wonder, some of the very first self-help books that I’ve ever read is the Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which somehow resonate within me, although most of the stuff was over the top.

Later I did listen the Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill which did ground some powerful ideas to me, and I believe I would have still a lot to learn from it as we can barely recognize even a great idea on the first time when we see one.

However, since then I’ve read and been around some other people who have been influenced by same books and thinkers. They’ve put the thought pretty well to words. Robert Kiyosaki talks about the richness in the same way in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Og Mandino wrote in the Greatest Salesman in the World: “Wealth should never be your goal in life. True wealth is of the heart, not of the purse.”

I’ve combined the talk about wealth and growth into a word pair Rich Mindset by combining these earlier mentioned sources with the Carol Dwecks’ idea about growth mindset.

Richness indeed begins from our thinking, doing and explaining habits. Learning and growing is the key. To conclude here is something to think about:

“I ask not for gold or garments or even opportunities equal to my ability; instead, guide me so that I may acquire ability equal to my opportunities.” ― Og MandinoThe Greatest Salesman in the World

Richness is the head and heart acquired by hands.

Head is the capacity to grow, and solve problems for others.

Heart is the capacity to love and emphasize.

Hands are the right action.

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