Give Thoughts Time to Grow; Nurture Them and You will Succeed


From yesterday one sentence of Peter Diamandis stuck with me: persistence to the point of success.  That’s brilliant and clear thinking.

Much of the life revolves around the idea of doing, yet we might be enticed to look over easier approaches.

I haven’t had urges to return to my old habits in a while, but this morning I get quite sudden, emotional urge for such thing. The urge came from my morning reading and thinking, where I was reading the 48th laws of power book. In part there was story about the power of symbolism and as I thought about it, my thinking eventually lead to the World of Warcraft character Ragnaros, the fire lord.

I had to check if the actual Norse Mythology of Ragnarok had much to do with the Ragnarok, but apparently they didn’t have much connection. Either way, somehow I remembering these things and connections I felt the urge to try the Heroes of the Storm card game after a long time. I don’t know where such emotions come from however, visual images, experiences, memories and meanings have probably a lot to do with it.

Considering my current situation, rational mind tells me it’s completely a distraction. In fact I do allow distractions in my life after priorities have been completed. I’ve divided pretty much all the activities I enjoy in life in to a three categories: critical, big and small. And I complete them in that order.

Categorizing my thoughts in that way has been a liberating experience, I always know what I expect from myself. You can read more about this in my earlier blog: Priority Categories: Critical, Big and Small.

Essentially the prioritization means that I’ve to persist with my most important priorities until I feel satisfied with them. I can see and feel the progress, because every day I am able to do at least something towards the goals.

Reflecting to my life even year before, I feel like I’ve gone through a transformation.

Like I wrote yesterday about this Vietnam trip happening this year around this time, in actuality the mental process had started already a year before.

Give the great thoughts time to grow, persist with them, nurture them and you will succeed.

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