Each Day Should Be Special



Tradition and culture are wonderful things, because it is at least those traditions that keep the cycle of life in balance.

For me, this Xmas will be the first one I don’t spend in Finland. In my old thinking I couldn’t really imagine to travel during Xmas time, maybe before or after, but not during.

The thought about traveling has grown past few years and even last year we were supposed travel which didn’t actually happen. This year we were able to.

It’s not about the timing either, it’s more about the priorities and finding solutions. I’ve been very satisfied with the choices I’ve made and that has made each day special, even far more special that the regular.

Xmas or any other celebration is a nice tradition that brings the feelings of safety, comfort and relaxation to our lives.

However, I am quite curious why couldn’t we design all our days around our most important priorities? Why is it only certain days or times of the year need to be extra special?

Sometimes the traditions feel superficial, if something is truly important, why not pay attention to it more. I.e. why only to do good around Xmas, why not all year around? Why only Xmas time needs to be peaceful and caring?

I understand that from the tradition point of view, it’s good reminder for the public about these values. Certainly better than nothing. At least Xmas comes every year and the cycle continues. So on cultural level this is kind of success.

On individual level we should strive for something better. I.e. our deepest values should be in action every day in the form of virtues. We should have our priorities crystal clear. Hopefully these values, virtues and priorities have been thought out so far that they extend ourselves, to serve others. When we connect thoughts like this to action, each day will be special, an opportunity to take the step towards fulfillment.

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