Developing Understanding


We have limits, but they are not where we think they are.

Our understanding of our own limits is an adjusting one, it changes as we experience and learn from our interactions with the world. Bigger life events can therefore feel eye opening, even smaller experiences can make us question our value choices.

Especially novel experiences have possibility to dramatically influence our life. Common and predictable just proves that we are on the right track, however when we gain experiences outside our comfort zones, the old impossible may become possible.

Experiences do not even have to be personal, even meeting someone who has experienced the thing can make it feel more real, within reach and therefore plant the seeds of doing something new.

It is this kind of interactions exactly what makes life interesting. The increased understanding and therefore also the healing effect of corrected reality.

Many of our problems begin with wrong understanding.

In Buddhist noble eightfold path the first step is the right understanding and developing that. We can develop that ourselves, but sharing our experiences as accurately as we can, can help others as well on the path.

Sure there may be limits, but the question is can those limits be overcome?

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