Mastery is Overemphasized


In failure averse cultures, the experts and masters alike are revered for their ability.

Masters perform and deliver results at levels which seem unfathomable to most of us. It is because of the paths not taken: we cannot master everything in a one lifetime even to the best of our natural abilities.

We can master some habits and skills in life. To do that we require the daily actions, which is the process. Mastery is merely an accumulation of those tiny daily actions we take and choices that we make.

In essence the question of mastery is simple, what is something so interesting you would like to do and practice every day? What are you willing learn to love and stick with even when it’s not so difficult? What are you willing to keep doing even when you grow old and tired? What are you willing to master?

It’s easy not to start. Excuses are our internal objections. Everyone has excuses, however what differentiates the people of action and success is how to deal with the excuses.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”  ― Jordan Belfort

Recognize the excuses when they are at their weakest and deal with them right away.

Determine what is it you exactly want to do, figure out the daily action for that and learn to love the process. It is the process that matters, not the accumulation of it.

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