Every Moment is an Opportunity



Human nature is to swing between boredom and suffering as said by Arthur Schopenhauer.

With the right presence of mind, we have the ability to find from each moment that which benefits and builds us. We do not have to succumb to the suffering, instead we can train our minds to find joy and learning in each moment. All moments are therefore precious opportunities to raise to whole new levels.

It takes patience, and a skillful mind to remember this among all anxiety, and suffering. However, if there is something to remember it is the thing that when we learn to turn each moment to our own advantage, life becomes something else. We can focus our efforts to find good in the adversity and do the good for others as well.

We will start to see that our own struggle against the adversity allows us to truly help and impact the lives of so many others positively.

Use your moments to build you, do not let them to break you.

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