Take Charge of Your Own Education



We live in the age, where we have instant access to enormous amounts of information and misinformation. With a little effort, we can access to almost anything if we want, thanks to the digital content and the information sharing cultures.

What is it what you want to do? What does it require you to learn? What’s holding you back?

Brightest people in the world have been autodidacts, self-educated people. Their thirst for knowledge has not ended there where institutions stopped telling them what to learn. They went the extra mile.

As it turns out anyone with the access to internet has that ability right at their fingertips. Mostly what we lack is the focus to learn, rather than the tools to learn. As an example Scott Young talked about getting MIT level education with 1/100 of the actual price through self-education in hi TEDx talk. We all have the same access.

After completing my bachelor’s degree last year, I wanted to continue studies, but I did not like the idea of enrolling for masters. There were several reasons most important which was the entry barriers which caused me to think about opportunity costs of spending my time to clear those hurdles. I decided not to and to focus on my own projects, work and learning instead.

I’ve my doubts’, however the more I progress with my goals, the weaker the doubts get. I made the decision with time management in my mind and that kind of thinking is still my guiding principle. As long as I’ve my goal clear in my mind, I believe indeed that the self-education is far more powerful.

Traditional experience is great, however it’s also slow. The self-educated approach is nimble and quick, plus as Scott Young in his videos points out, it requires initiative and clear knowledge of what you want to do. Those kind of skills are already what the information age requires.

Self-education does not have to happen alone either. Although the professors, peer groups etc. are major advantages in traditional institutions, internet is a powerful network which connects people with purpose. Founding learning groups, both specific and general is a great way to teach, learn, support and be supported.

I believe education is what lifts world out of the poverty and we can start educating each other.

Comment below and join the community of life-long learners.

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