Choose the Way of Courage


Power sensitive people often end up in leadership positions and in general their life seems to be well. To these kind of people, living through the courage seems to be the religion, air they breathe. In other ways they are just as other people, but they’ve made the choice.

It is easy to observe how people behave in crowds, and power sensitive people stand out from the crowd with interaction and often goodwill. It’s always pleasure to observe such people in action.

How come some people are more sensitive to the well being of others than the rest?

Power sensitivity requires empathy and the courage to put the empathy and observations into action that will in the end benefit all: receiver gets a fairer share and the giver gets the joy of giving.

Especially when in crowds, there are always chances to do the right thing. We can either choose to hide in our shells or make the choice to keep living the way of courage.

To me, it seems that the people who are very power sensitive have made the acts of goodwill more like part of their identity rather than random occurrence, thus they keep doing good deeds and building goodwill regardless of the context surrounding them.

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