Creating Beliefs That Serve Us Better

Our behavior is based on our beliefs. And because beliefs can be either right wrong or anything in between, oh boy it is difficult to live life right with one go.

Thankfully we do not have to be right at the first time. More importantly if we are aware of our shortcomings and remain open to dialogue, we just might find the way.

Basic representation of beliefs and truth looks like this:



However, as I mentioned it’s quite not straightforward. How to know which ones are right? Well usually the surrounding culture & community helps out here: we pick beliefs that are shared by others as well. Well at least until we learn to question them.

One stepping stone to the adulthood is questioning and choosing our own values and beliefs. Some of them may be the same ones as surrounding society, however we must be ready to acid test all of them. And learning to acid test the beliefs is indeed a skill that can serve us very well.

This picture I borrow from Edron Academy, theory of knowledge blog:

justified true belief.png

There are just all kinds of beliefs out there. Beliefs for the sake of beliefs. Some beliefs, although in the end that might be false, may serve us very well. Such is the power of optimism or other positive illusions as they keep us going, trying and doing, despite that the odds might not be in our favor.

We are the creators of our beliefs, therefore we should pick the strong sides of all beliefs the keen sense of realism, the optimism of trying and doing, open mind so that we can continue learning and unlearning.


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