How to Have More Time in the Present Moments?



In time, there is only the one moment that matters: present moment. Everyone knows this and then we go about our lives normally.

I realize today that the more time & power we have in the present moment, the more we are able to accomplish in the life as a whole. Whole life comes moment by moment, the better we are at handling these sequentially occurring present moments, the more we are able to achieve.

Opportunities arise in present moment, if we are too slow to react on that we may have to wait for a long time for another opportunity. Sometimes this experience is necessary before we can recognize the opportunity, however if we are aware and open minded enough we might be able to seize it on the first try.

What could we really do to improve our odds in present moments?

What I’ve learned in the telemarketing and in sales is about the opportunities do only present themselves so many times and most of the time we actually have to work to create them. It takes, patience and long term view rather than short sighted view. Most of the sales occur after five conversations with the prospects.

To get better opportunities, we need to be constructive in the long run. In the first moments we need to learn more, ask better questions, listen more intently, observe more carefully, give more room to speak.

To manage present effectively, managing the outer things is not enough: we must be mindful of our internal world as well and align that with all our actions.

Couple of skills that are always useful in increasing the time in upcoming present moments:

  1. Memory techniques: i.e. method of loci and others can be used to remember everything that matters.
  2. Mental Math & mathematics can improve the counting skills in your head. These skills can give you serious edge in life if you can quickly simulate situations with numbers.

Finally there is the art of combining everything you know into something practical, way of communicating, telling stories and jokes in a way that will lift everyone up which will surely grant you more time than anything else I’ve said so far. People like people who like them and are funny in inclusive, non-offensive way.

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