Put Less Money to Poor Choices and More Money to Good Choices


Going thru a supermarket, looking for almonds and walnuts, but cannot find those here. All kinds of other nuts sure. At a huge supermarket there is a lot of stuff. It’s quite interesting to go thru a lot of foreign foods, while also realizing we do not need that much in life.

Even with very little, few specific things, we can be very happy.

In fact buying and wanting more does not equal happiness. I even feel that sometimes saying no to the things we do not really need creates more happiness. It’s about priorities, because when we focus and prioritize those things we truly value we can cut off everything else.

My purchasing power here in Vietnam is about three times greater than in my home Finland. That being said I do not like to spend on money on things that aren’t really matching my values.

I know, that there are places where I can put the saved money that will have long term returns. My favorite investment is education, knowledge and things like that. Second form of investing which I am learning about is real-estate, which I see as a one great vehicle, a bus that I haven’t taken yet, but I am looking for opportunities. Thirdly, there is my passion to invest in business: mostly high-risk, high reward companies with small stakes.

I get great pleasure in clarifying myself what do I really need and what are the highest priorities for my money and what is the expected return. I’ve been doing this kind of thinking practice for few months now, and it has started to become my second nature. It’s much easier to do the right decision: abstain from poor choices when you know what are the better options and what is the opportunity cost for investing to this mediocre chance now versus to the good chance.

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