Air Pollution Experience That Set My Mind to New Dimensions


 “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

As I travel, I like to experience the world from the grass root level, which gives me some perspective and on the other hand can change the world view and priorities quite drastically. Travel changes the way I see the people back at home as well as in the places I travel.

Power of culture is incredible: majority follow the cultural conditioning. Even those who are decisive in pursuing a purpose, end up hauling water buckets, while we should be building water pipelines.

I’ve been living as a guest in Ho Chi Minh City for a week. So far the thing that has caught my attention is air quality, which makes me to think about the millions of people here breathing the air as well as myself who suffers from the allergic reaction caused by this heavy dust.

We’ve solutions on many levels:

  1. I could get allergy medicine and lessen the symptoms.
  2. Buy or create an indoor air filter to remove some of this pollution.
  3. To create affordable and accessible clean energy sources.

First level solution I do not like much at all, I don’t feel like I am solving any problem at all, just changing the form. Besides usually the side effects in allergy medicine are for me worse than the allergy. Overall running nose is minor inconvenience.

Second option I like more. Thomas Talhem has done some AMAZING WORK on this making the affordable air filter solutions available for everyone. Check the Do-It-Yourself solution and research out:

There is already existing solution that just needs to be applied more widely to make at least the indoor cleaner. When this critical part has been covered perhaps we can start to focus on the third topic?

After realizing this, now it’s very difficult for me to ignore this problem as I’ve blissfully done. Personal experience is a game changer. Now I am quite sure that the future of sustainability will not happen by itself it requires a lot of awareness, education and effort.

Therefore it seems to be likely that I’ve to start looking ways to work more with these problems that I see very meaningful, not only for me and my loved ones, but for all the people who live around the cities with limited amount of clean air.

I’ve had the privilege of living in places with very good air quality. However, no longer I do not want to put my head in the bush to think that this can go on forever. What really will happen when the big cities get completely polluted and unlivable? Who is going to clean the mess?

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” — William Shakespeare

I am sure there are people like Tomas Talhem and Elon Musk doing something about it, but what about the rest? I am looking forward to hearing from you, there ought to be a lot to be done.

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