My Dozen Best Reading Practices


This listing is I originally posted  as a Quora answer. However, I guess it would be interesting since there have been some rather simple adjustments I’ve made to my reading habits past year which are really effective and most of these habits have to do with attention, focus and time management rather than the reading technique.

My reading best practices:

  1. Reading while commuting & reading while queuing. I carry Kindle with me to most of the places I go.
  2. Reviewing notes/highlights.
  3. Reading books that are very interesting to me at the moment (80% nonfiction 20% fiction)
    1. I’ll have a long and short lists of books that are currently interesting. Usually the short list is very short and at the moment there is only few books to which I don’t access through Kindle.
  4. Qualifying a book before buying or starting to read it: I’ll check the descriptions, reviews and authors a bit before deciding that if it’s the right book for the right moment. I’ve found out that the most interesting books do manage to create the urge to read it, which then helps to finish the book very quickly as well.
  5. Goodreads reading goal tracker, makes it public and also a good way to manage to read lists.
  6. Breaking down the yearly reading goal into a book / daily level to keep reading. I.e. reading 10% of the book or X number of pages. Reading 10% book a day means of course that it takes ten days to finish a book which is 36,5 books a year.
  7. Summarizing the key learning from the book into a one or two things, so I can describe it to anyone shortly.
  8. Discussing about the books I’ve read and I am reading. Discussion opens up new perspectives.
  9. Reading books during weekend mornings, (I replaced my news reading habit).
  10. Researching before buying / starting to read a book.
  11. Allowing myself not to read fully all books: for studying purposes its better even just to skim and find what’s useful instead of spending the time to read the whole thing.
  12. Writing about what I’ve read: well at this point very at least I’ve to have the thing internalized somehow and it also lets me to revisit the book again.

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