Developing Higher Quantity and Quality of Ideas


When it comes to creativity and with ideas, there is nothing special about them. There are tons of ideas out there in the world, who nobody does anything about.

You’ll recognize a great idea you actually are willing to work to make it real. The work process there is an important part, that makes the idea real. And often the end result will end up being quite different from the original idea, which magnificently shows the difference between our understanding of reality and the reality. On the other hand we also happen to learn a in the process, thus also developing the idea much further bit by bit.

Not all ideas are right away ready to be turned into a reality. Where it is easy to accept or reject an idea, and work on that, to get much more quality ideas we also could DEVELOP some of the ideas.

To make idea that is under development into reality too soon would actually be hurtful. However, idea that is under development should be revisited and reviewed preferably frequently, i.e. taken active work to make that idea viable in the future. The reason to keep developing the idea could be that either you know too little about the idea, so you in order to acid test the viability of the idea you can easily just do some more basic research online. Keep digging until you’ve great general understanding and then if the idea is worth executing schedule everything and execute.

Developing ideas should be the kind of pre-screening phase, before making any bigger commitments. It can be great way to increase the quantity of ideas you consider, quality of ideas in all phases. Why quality? Because you are learning quickly about the idea in more diverse manner and thus also creating more documented approach in the process.

Any idea can be revived later, when it’s time has come. So take your time to nurture both quantity and quality of the ideals.

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