Dealing with Excuses


Having started to adjust to the local time and climate after the flight here in Ho Chi Minh. Somewhat jet-lagged in midst of another culture, I take this as a wonderful chance to make the room for many new experiences and activities while keep just those most critical ones to me: i.e. writing & reading.

In theory it is very easy to do this just by forgetting everything that I cannot control, and focusing the present moment and then making time or do the writing and reading.

So far so good, excuses didn’t hold me in the bed after napping for the afternoon and I got down to writing.

I’ve recently become acutely aware, that most of the action is prevented because of my internal dialogue, stores and excuses. To counter this, thankfully there are some living examples that the excuses hold us back, such as Wung Deshun who exemplifies the ikigai, living purposefully spirit very well.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

By living courageously and consciously we can grow each day, each moment and thus develop ourselves towards the excellence of being that we still have possibility to become.

We’ll never reach perfection, so excellence will have to suffice.

Excellence is about doing your best, with what you have. It’s internal standard, internal sense of control about things. It’s about doing your best with things you can control and not worrying about things which are not in your control.

Stephen Covey, who introduced us to the circle of influence and circle of control in his book The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People are useful tools here.

What things you can decide about? What are fully in your own control?

It’s all about focusing to that which you can do, which is in your control and the decision to do it. Build yourself identity of delivering to your decisions.

You can proactively help yourself to stick with your decisions by choosing the environment to support yourself as much as possible. Take cover of the basic necessities well ahead of time. Build strong social network and financial buffer to be able to sleep your nights well, knowing that you will be alright no matter what happens.

And/or alternatively just learn to live with so less that you are certain that no matter what happens you will be alright.

Excuses are at their weakest when they are just born in the form of story to your mind, be mindful about this and kindly remind yourself of the crawl towards your goals: even a little bit adds up to something. Zeroes do not add up to anything, work to get any results for today and then rest.

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