Make Your Life Exceptional


Currently I am sitting at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, thinking and kind of wishing everyday could be like this: exceptional, special, being able to do different kind of things out of routine.

In fact that is possible, by planning it in our lives. Life is about priorities and we need to make the stand for that.

We have this kind of freedom of choice in our lives. If we then seek out other people who shares such values, we have a lot more possibilities arrange our life around in very optimum ways. One example of such flexibility is Brazilian CEO Ricardo Semler who has introduced the Wednesdays as bucket list days in his company, allowing people to experience and live their lives fully.

I strongly believe in arranging the life to be able to live, long, fulfilling life, full of purpose. My view of the ideal life does not involve passivity to the excess, instead it involves active participation to the world around.

Best feelings in life is succeeding in something that has been a learning experience. To be able to do this, requires the basic needs to be right: we need to have healthy sense of self in all areas of life to be able to perform at our best levels, in which the highest forms of learning and doing occurs.

I’ve personal experience on how short sighted it is to try to maximize pleasure of easy comforts and avoid the pains of life. You would be wise to take up the advice from stories and not to try the easy road. In the end, a price must be paid.

We need to do the uncomfortable things, however the uncomfortable and difficult don’t need to be too uncomfortable or difficult, they only need to be very slightly so.

False beliefs and too high expectations can drive us to take a too big bite of the cake at once. We even may end up explaining that failure in a rather unproductive way, which may lead our stories to grow further apart.

Keep in mind always to practice at your level and challenge yourself just slightly so above your level, so that you will always have something to learn. Courage is the key to stay active and read how to develop courage to get more ideas on how to stay out of comfort zone.

We have what we negotiate to ourselves

Once we accept and acknowledge that it is indeed good and fulfilling to reach to the world and get out of the comfort zone preferably each day. Next step would be to identify your values: who are you and what you value?

Introspecting values, priorities, dreams is very important inner journey we must start to walk while at the same time to reach for the outer world for more experience. Your feelings are important feedback for yourself, reflect on them and on how did your expectations match with the experience.

Once you know a bit more who you are and what you want, you should also identify role models: people who have already achieved what you want or are doing something that you really value. Learning and connecting with these people can provide important guidance for you as well. These people do not need to be even alive, a lot of them have written books that continue to tell their stories.

Once you know what you value and you can recognize who shares those values, you should also look and identify groups of people that align with your values and goals. From this fruitful common ground you can live life purposefully and the going starts to be fun and truly rewarding. Of course there is a lots of learning and failing, however you are doing it because it’s connected with your story more deeply. You can start saying yes to your purpose and no to everything else.

Jari Sarasvuo said it well during a coaching, I guess this comes originally from William Ury: “If it’s not hell yes, then it’s no.”

Know what’s your yes. You will improve the odds of arriving there and your negotiation power as well. Remember your values and priorities and follow them.

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