Remembering is the difficult part of attaining goals



Today I woke up at my moms’ place, as we had a bit of family gathering there on Sunday and I wanted to take the chance to stay late so I stayed over. As I today woke up, a bit earlier and headed to work. So I was first person at the office by arriving at 7:15. Today I was also last person to leave the office around 7:30. This is very rare, but today it was explained by the odd day in between weekend and Finnish independence day the 6th of December, which is day off.

There are reasons for me to go early and leave late, and it has to do with the upcoming trip. I had the pleasure of organizing my work so that my mind can actually take some time off from work as well.

Today I have a lot of stuff on my agenda, not only to get all this work done, but also after that to go pickup my girlfriend of from airport

At first I was thinking to go there straight off from work. However, I am glad I didn’t because in between executing my work and picking up my girlfriend, both which are huge priorities, I had also forgotten some of my own priorities: like blogging and reading.

Therefore, I am really glad I took some time off, recharged and now I am typing this. It’s easy to find 30 minutes each day to write and another 30 minutes of day to read, It’s just the matter of remembering and making it happen.

Even smaller chunks may work, especially for things like reading even 15 minute intervals are great breaks.

When normal routines are broken down our priorities get tested. How bad you really want achieve your goals?

Most important thing Is remembering what matters and making time for it each day.

After that you may think what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it all? There is always a price to pay, some may not be worth it while others are totally worth it!

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