Meaning Comes from the Bottom of Your Heart


Today has been truly inspirational day for me, for which I am very grateful and thankful.

Firstly, I think I’ve taken at least a tiny step towards the right direction with combination of THINKING and TAKING ACTION. I was figuring out the realities of life and I am starting to understand a tiny speck of it.

Do you know how much money you need to cover for the bare essentials for the next year?

I haven’t thought of it before, and since I haven’t thought of it before means not many people around me think of it either. For sure, I know that many people around would know it quite easily, however they haven’t asked that question. My mom would be a great example: she knows her numbers on the costs, however she mostly accounts for the past, she does not leverage that very well to predict the future.

Information age thinking would be to use that knowledge to at least some degree to predict the future. For example, we could use the costs of the previous year, take account some inflation and other things we happen to know and see how much money we need for the upcoming year.

I happened to do just that, in a rough scale and the number happened to be 11 000€ which covers the bare essentials. That’s pretty good figure, there is not much lean in there with the Helsinki price range and Finnish living standard.

When working as a salary man, even the monthly income is quite predictable. When this is so, I can even predict my cash flow quite accurately, and how much money I’ve available at any given time. This makes life quite boring.

Why to spend so much of the time actively, in something so predictable?

I think there are causes which I would indeed even volunteer, however I would work more in my own terms and I would put some priorities differently. So I guess I really have to think about all of this and start to take some action to create time to work for something meaningful.

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