Potential to Shape the World


Who wouldn’t want to be successful? Yet not everyone can succeed in everything. Some are more naturally inclined in tasks, others learn very quickly.

Most  of us are awfully mediocre, so that includes most of us. Rest 2,1% are quite rubbish, while the finally 2,1% are the ones that get the most results done.

That’s easy to say, however we shouldn’t. Most of can in fact be in the top 2,1% in some activities and contexts.


Challenge is to discover activities we enjoy and we are great at. In most cases it’s not even that which we’ve found natural talent in that matters as much as the desire to learn more deeply. Perhaps there is a combination of this, where our natural tendencies are strengthened and we also deeply enjoy doing.

Overall we should refrain from judging ourselves and others from too quick judgement. It just doesn’t make any since to judge a fish by it’s climbing ability.

All of us are not meant to do the same things, however there is potential in us to the right things. In these right things we are likely to get more results than on average anywhere else we do. Results  or our connection to the results are the things that make life enjoyable. Results create purpose by themselves, because we are shaping the world.

And we all have that potential to shape the world. So we just need to figure out something where we can deliver the results and we enjoy doing.

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