Do Difficult Things Together


network-1020332_640.jpgPreparing for the challenging week, I was not sure how I was going to get through it. If it’s just me I knew I was not going to make it, alone with all the work and pressure. Although I still have to do most of the work, the way I ended up organizing the work turned out to be crucial: together with others.

Doing difficult things together has tremendous impact. Even the most challenging and difficult things become the things of learning.

Even stretch goals become possible when done together.

I’ve noticed that there is a point in where direct feedback becomes convenience and even expectation. It’s much faster, saves the energy of everyone than the being nice politeness.

Around people who can give such feedback and development ideas, the impossible becomes possible.

Support of course is priceless. Almost anyone can be of support, however of course the deeper the connection, the better the spirit.

When you’ve really difficult things to work on, do not try to figure out everything yourself. Find a way to do difficult things together, even if you are

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