Choice to Create Something That Matters


As I’ve been taking baby steps towards becoming something more like the great role models I admire, I’ve also noticed in my thinking some quite challenging aspects. For example: it has become really difficult for me to understand the ‘decadent pleasures and behaviors’ of smoking, alcohol etc.

I label these as decadent, because I feel like these are habits that take me further from my goals rather than closer.

My attitude is quite harsh, probably exactly because it has been only some years since I myself have been living with such habits: I am nobody to judge, yet my mind is quick to do so.

My guess it’s a kind of defense mechanism for myself to keep the distance, because now I actually have the experience through which I can determine and guess what will take me forward and what will hold me back.

That which has come through hard work, is a lot appreciated and less likely wanted to be given away freely. Or to use another metaphor, same would go with money “easy come, easy go.”

Only in this case its mostly about the wealth of wisdom acquired, and more importantly the understanding that in order to be able to use that wisdom, the life is about choices every moment. Even after the choices what matters, is what we do after those choices. I’ve made my choice and continue living to according to that.

Life is very limited, and once I understood that, for the very least even though I am not hundred percent sure what I want to do, there are many paths that I know for sure are not for me.

A lot of what my being is, mostly trying to reach something higher.

“Stop settling for what’s good enough and start creating art that matters.” – Seth Godin, Linchpin

I like the way Seth puts it. We all have art in ourselves in some form and we can create something that matters for this world. The idea to create something resonates so deep, that I want to immerse myself in that act of creation rather than to the passivity.

2 thoughts on “Choice to Create Something That Matters

  1. You probably know the famous saying in Finnish: viina on viisasten juoma (boose is a beverage for wise). I do not know if it actually origins the saying though I’ve amused myself and others by saying it comes from a Plato dialogue (the name of the dialogue I don’t remeber). In a dialogue there are Athenians broadly explaining to people from Crete why they should allow their citizens to enjoy the pleasures of wine. The reasoning goes somewhat as follows. The philosopher kings are so wise and have a 360 degrees vision the world. Still these philosopher kings need to live in a Polis with others not so wise and with a narrow perspective to life. For the good of their Polis it would be important that these philosophers could understand the minds of the laymen so as to persuade them to accept their means to improve the life of the Polis as well as themselves. The role of wine comes to the picture when these philosophers wish to gain understanding how a narrower mind works. Wine gives one a lively experience of having a dull understanding of the world. This requires quite a lot wine though since a little dose only accelerates thinking…

    So if you wish to gain some real understanding of some phenomena very common to our fellow human beings then decadence is not always to be overlooked. However one should keep in mind the possible side effects + the point where this method should be used is when one is wise enough to understand and handle the possible side effects.

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