From Adversity of Life, Build Your Castle of Happiness


There are a lot of unexpected events in life. Overall life is just way too complex and quick for our minds to grasp, so we have to make a lot of shortcuts in our thinking, which then leads to these surprises.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Positive surprises are the spice of life. However, sometimes especially adversities can feel bad and crushing.

A lot of our life will be determined by how do we respond to the adversities we face. There are mature and immature defense mechanisms that are running in all of our lives. We can choose how to respond to these adversities.

All things will pass. That’s life in a nutshell. We cannot save suffering or joy in a jar. We should live and enjoy life as it is. Suffering is the sign that we are alive, and when we are alive we may suffer for a while, but only until our good deeds bloom.

From whatever life throws at us, we can build our happiness.

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