Happy Morning Reminders


I think the good things in life should be remembered more often.

This morning, I wake up and felt great. I felt like one of the best mornings in my life. Great feeling was, because of many things had gone right the week before and now was Saturday morning, so there wasn’t really any reason not to feel great.

Every morning has the potential to feel this way. Although it would be exaggeration to say that the odds will be so.

A good habit to have is the habit of reflecting what went wrong and what went right. Positive psychology has gained tremendous momentum on studying that which makes us happy.

Therefore I want to also spend a moment to think and reflect on what has contributed to my great feeling and morning:

1) Foremost I think it has to do with sense of security about the future, I’ve planned and prepared for potential setbacks, I’ve thought of best, worst and worse than worst case scenarios out already and everything is fine. So no big financial worries looming over.

2) Knowing I am on the track. Even more than accomplishments I think it’s more important to know that I am going towards the right direction and progressing a bit by bit. As a feeling it’s great, and the feedback I receive from the actions gives me confidence for future as well. The key lesson here is to learn to seek and ask for feedback.

3) Paying the price, in full, ahead of time: investing. Well I do not know exactly how many things in this world are more scary than paying for something for which you have no idea will the returns ever come alive. In many forms of “investment” they shouldn’t be even called investments yet, unless they start making money right away… Instead they are mostly bets, which may become investments later on if they do pay themselves off.

I’ve been really risk averse in earlier in my life, only recently I’ve started to train my mind and starting to learn to think more like a businessman and a investor. Before I’ve invested only in my professional and personal development, now I’ve raised the bets and started to learn more about getting returns for my money as well. So far I’ve not succeeded as much as I’ve learned, however the learning curve should be steep (literally) in the beginning. Steep means of course that I learn quickly.

Paying the price, full in advance is scary. This I have learned: for the vices you have to pay, for abstinence is free, however to get ahead we need virtues; and virtues requires sacrifice, in advance and without any guarantees of return.

4) Enjoying whatever life throws at you in the present. Life is full of change. As an example of this I’ve living apart from my girlfriend now three months in long distance relationship, which is always difficult adjustment.

Relationship of a two quite introverted people is however advantageous in that sense, that we both do like our personal space quite big time. Once I am in the flow of doing, creating, writing or thinking the time literally just flows in any case. This is the kind of space that does not invite interruptions of any kind and now I’ve been in the advantageous position to create this kind of space as much as I like.

5) Lastly there are the right mental models and tools to handle the challenges and stresses of life. For the first time, I think I am not that stressed by the life, because I think that I can actually call for help and receive help when I am in need. I am not overcome by stress, instead I know how to productively use that stress to do what’s necessary and ask for help if I feel overwhelmed.

Opening up, acknowledging limitations and vulnerability play big part. To become fully myself, I need to accept my shortcomings as well and once this has been done… Well let’s just say we all like fellow human beings.

So these are some factors that have played a role and part in feeling great. Life is really complex thought, so not a single minor change will make our lives overnight. Over many nights they may become something far greater than thought, we just need to remember.

As an example I want to show something which I had forgotten: here is zoom out of my journal from this month:


Much of the zoom out – what I had gone through in a short time of fours week I had already forgotten. What we remember we can become.

Good thoughts need a lot of reminding among all the negative noise that we have in the world. Let’s create more positive sounds and reminders for this world!

Creativity is a form of self-expression. Creativity is strong when we are alone, being able to do anything without any external judgement. Personally I love this state.

However, for with the same breath I would dare to say, when we in the company that fully accepts us as we are – creativity as its’ strongest.

Before getting to the creative co-operation level, we must have something else though, we must be somehow feel in control of our lives, and we must have the energy in our lives.

From my recent readings I keep recalling a magic word called burn from Neil Parischa’s book The Happiness Equation. To the word burn I had pretty much summarized everything I had learned from the book.

The fourfold goes like this:


What I often translate the burn as is the flow. I guess burn is a better word, because although burn gets us to many places, it does not last long. I don’t think all these areas are meant to be necessarily equal, however they all have a part in our lives, sometimes the parts are bigger and we need conscious effort to strengthen others more than the rest. However I see this fourfold as one guideline for managing energy through the life.

Instead of thinking that there is a holy grail of one action that leads to happiness, there isn’t it is the combination of doing and non-doing.

Have a great Saturday!

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