Time, Space and Results


Did you know that the most of the results occur in this time – space continuum? As a physical entity we are limited to being one place at a given time.

How well we utilize the limited time is the key to results. We can only travel so much space, so it’s better to focus utilizing time wisely.

It’s not only own time, but the time of others as well. People have tiny windows of time in their lives, where they’ve possibility to do the big decisions. If you are there then, you can be part of that.

As a salesperson, I’ve begun to understand how big impact little time can have. Client can change their mind and cut the time you had agreed upon to half, yet the time-pressure itself creates tremendous potential to do the same amount of teaching or reaching agreements in half the time. Sales is great.

Time can be leveraged through tools such as phone and calendar.  You can even replicate yourself through videos to sell and market yourself all the time. With these tools you can be present in more places in more times.

By phone you can cover vast distances instantaneously. However, most of the time you can only have one discussion at a one time.

Most of our problems have to do with a simple problem: we can only be in a one place at a one time. Therefore our presence is the most valuable real-estate there is. Presence is managed by calendar: learn to manage your calendar and learn how other peoples’ calendars are. You will have a lot more power to yourself when you learn about calendars.

You most important tasks should be in, because if they are not, when are you going to do it? In fact just by using calendar allows you to have more realistic sense on what can be done and in what time.

It’s like the one hour meeting that was suddenly cut to 30 minutes, can you make the sale? Can you do the job? We all have only 24 hours in our days, lets’ use them wisely.

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