Game of Life


Life is a game of probabilities, life itself starts with the improbable.

Because the game of life is about probabilities, it is a pure numbers game.

When playing games, complains I often heard was “it’s so lucky based…” & “anyone can get lucky” – these people are the people who do not understand how the game of life works. It is purely probabilities, where you cannot change your starting point, however where you can greatly influence the point where you enter.

Game of life is not exactly fair, however the tides can turn anytime, that’s what makes it so exciting. There are people who then in turn call these unfair possibilities luck and then there are people who prepare for the unexpected.

In the game of life we have very limited influence on what happens, however we have complete control on how we interpret that and what do we think of life. Somehow once I understood this: that the present moment is only one that where I can make any impact, and that it’s mostly my attitude that determines how I feel in this very moment, I started to enjoy life more.

Game of life happens moment by moment. Therefore we should give each moment our full focus in order for the odds to be at our favor no matter what happens. For the very at least we are living and enjoying the present moment fully.

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