Why Values Matters?


As I am writing this article, I am having moment of very clear clarity best described as diva moment, because the song by Diva in Fifth Element movie started to play in my head*.

Values matter, because they are connected to the deep parts of ourselves. We should never give up our values, but instead continue the work to serve our values and this world better.

For years I’ve felt disconnected with people around me, then for years I learned to live with my own values despite not being so connected and now finally I am taking the leap to live with my values and work only aligned with those values.

Values have to be worth sacrificing for, otherwise they are not values at all.

I’ve made my sacrifice in the lonely search of connection and finally I see some connection. Finding the first connecting string has been the hardest.

Values matter, because only through those values we can be connected to the deeper parts of ourselves and the universe. Values are the strings that connect all of us. When we have values we seek others who share those values, and eventually when will find them, we will feel deep connection like we have known them for ages.

As we are connected with others and our values, our life starts to make more sense. We can start to live with more purpose and drive than ever before.


* Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies and that song is one of the most epic ones I know, it resonates very deep within me. So deep that after YEARS on this kind of moment it starts to play in my head and I get goose bumps.

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