Be Careful What You Tell Yourself


A lot of what we are is what we tell ourselves that we can be. In the core are our self-concept and beliefs.

If we do not consciously observe internal dialogue, we may be trapped: we may be telling ourselves, or we may be buying into other peoples’ beliefs that are not true.

Personal growth has become a big theme in my life, because through growth I am able to contribute more, which in turn gives the most long lasting joy there is. That’s why I am very sensitive to what brings me forward and what holds me back.

I love the kind of thinking that opens up possibilities and challenges to think “how” things can be done.

On the other hand I am repulsed by the lazy mental habits that settle for answers and seek for immediate gratification.

Our brain (actually our body is a system) is one of the most complex constructs in the universe, so to make use of that our daily action intake should be more constructive than regressive. Without a challenge our mind withers.

We can build better life for ourselves and others as well, because we are the creators of our beliefs and whatever happens, there are always better options for those who bother to figure them out!

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