Every Minute Counts



Most common argument against doing something, is the lack of resource, no time, no money or the skills. Everything however boils down to the time, because with everything has to do with time. Anyone can be a millionaire if they’ve enough time. However, who can do it with the limited time that’s the trick!

All what can be done starts with what is. What do you have?

We all have at best 24 hours a day at best here on planet earth. The difference between reaching goal and failing to reach the goal is in the way we use time, our most precious resource.

I observe that most of the people are really poor users of time, there are literally dozens of micro time slots in the day which can be used for something extremely beneficial and meaningful like reading, exercise or napping.

Instead what people do is they passively stand and stare out in the emptiness. What a waste!

Examples of this kind of situations is queuing, waiting for a train, waiting for a bus to stop etc.

I’ve calculated that if I wait until the last moment to stop reading, I can read approximately 420 pages more per year, that’s a decent size book. And that comes with actually enjoying the bus commute to work until the end instead of getting every morning up minute or two on my feet before the bus is even at the stop.

Another personal example from my personal life is the time saved when I don’t need to be thinking or doing anything about the morning tea or coffee. That I haven’t calculated, however ever since I stopped on drinking either it has been such a streamlined morning! Saves a lots of money too through the year. Although I do occasionally have cup of tea, it’s nowhere near the habit of “must” have each day or even each week.

We all have the same amount of time in the day and we all have better ways to spend that time.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa

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