Do, Get Feedback & Learn



We learn through doing. We also form the bond and deeper our understanding through doing.

Recently, I’ve become interested in investing. Topic like investing is hard to grasp just based on a Google search, because there is so much general information. The basic ideas such as compound interest, anyone can grasp. However, when it comes to the act of investing and getting results i.e profit for your investments, then the real learning starts.

It turns out not so many people are after all successful investors. What I would like to know, how many even tried? Without trying it’s hard to become one.

To become really good requires action, experience and feedback, a lot.

I’ve only recently begun to understand the importance of feedback loops in everything. Thinking and knowing wasn’t enough after all. People love feedback and nobody gets its it enough. That’s why social media or games are so addicting because those are enticing action and reinforcing that with positive feedback.

What does feedback mean for a person who wants to grow consciously? We need to find the key activity that produces the desired results, measure that and get also feedback on that action as much as possible. Action & feedback guarantees right learning.

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