Influence and Advice


I’ve been always bad at listening to myself, and this has caused me to suffer.

Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself. —MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO

This should be the line to live by.

What I need is more insight. Advice is ok input of different perspective, however there the inner voice is still the strongest guide. Just need to listen to that more often.

Hearing the inner voice is more difficult than thought. Much of ourselves is also constructed by our environment. We are heavily influenced by our environment, therefore it’s difficult to know who I am and is this me?

There are strong tendencies, up to 50% of our personality consists of our temperament, rest of it is influenced by the environment. Our environment and expectations can become very big part of us, whatever we want it or not.

I don’t think there is impregnable mind in the sense of messages and repetitions, we all get affected. So we might as well choose an environment where we are more likely get positive or desirable influences rather than something unwanted.

To conclude, we rarely make the best decisions for ourselves in the long run. How we can even make good decisions from here? We would have to have much experience to make good decisions. We need guidance and influence, and yet we should forget our own path.

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