Goal Achieving as Momentum Builder


I start where I yesterday ended and attempt to answer the question, on how to transfer the great feeling of today for tomorrow as well?

There is a lot of uncertainty in life, therefore it’s impossible to predict and for sure expect great results each time. Important thing for the sake of meaning is to have great sense of the bigger goal and the track – where I am now? When you know the big goal, and you know where you are in terms of that, it gives you sense of protection and sense of success. You are literally moving the mountain stone by stone.

Now you know what is your big goal and what your goal for the day is, you can start to plan the day. What are you going to do each moment? With this kind of precise planning, you will be able to forecast predictably will you be on track.

In the best case you will plan some activities that you are sure to succeed right at the start of the day. This will create the momentum, which allows you to achieve excellent results through the day.

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