Beliefs Spark the Action for the Fire of Success


In basketball there is the concept of ‘hot hands’, that someone who has made the shot is more likely to make the shot.

This is a false belief thought. Humans are quick to create beliefs just about anything.

However, there is something about the concept of ‘being in fire’ that is useful. It is the fact that this belief can make us take chances, even chances that we wouldn’t otherwise take and thus fail through inaction.

Similarly in professional life, I’ve noticed that when we are on fire, we are likely to work harder, because we finally have the evidence of success and we take action because we believe we can succeed we will work.

Beliefs are odd things, they are not right, but they guide the important thing: action.

Success is small actions repeated each days, that way any goal can be reached. When we believe we can do it, and we have this kind of positive illusion we even may achieve things against all probabilities, just because we did take the chance.

Question we all can ask ourselves, what lights our fire and how to transfer it to the next day?

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