Lead Yourself to Your Goals


Doing a lot will result to deeper understanding, which is turn will result into even better action.

It’s easy to set goals, even with SMART –crtieria. It’s even easy to do something for them. However, then the question is, how do we know what we do for the goals in meaningful? We have to start leading our own activities through our calendars.

To put it simply: once we know what is our goal, then we have to know what we do for the goal and when. Then fill our little calendar with activities.

Quite simple isn’t it?

Except that the world is a chaotic place and things rarely go as planned. Things usually require more work than we anticipate. We have to develop realistic sense of what can be achieved in the amount of time and then start to use time really wisely.

What is your goal? What are you going to do for it? When?

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