Advantages of individual and collective cultures


Why for us it is so easy to see the superstars, but so hard to see the potential of whole systems?

Margaret Heffernan explains interesting study about super chickens in her TED talk. That is a clear case, that the super chicken societies are not so desirable after all.

In human groups and tribes, strong individuals are expressing themselves through the culture. When culture is strong, it allows strong individuals to express themselves as well. However, we rarely see behind the strong individuals.

We may see the moon landing astronauts, but we often forget about the culture that has supported and enabled their voyage.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

I am not sure about the first part, however I really like the last part of this proverb: together we can get really far.

I’ve pondered about the individuality versus collectivity in a cultural context. Both have their own strengths, however I do not see either one as superior to one another. Both taken to extreme produce problems.

Strong point of individuality I would describe as the ability to go on the journey and transform your life completely. However, what good is personal transformation without a cause and collective effort to push the cause even further? Or to ask otherwise, what good would be collective purpose without wise way there?

Success is failure, and failure is success.

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