Break Your Imagined Limitations and Fly



We have physical limitations such as our physique, time and our health.

Then we have mental limitations such as lack of imagination and beliefs.

Physical limitations are hard to overcome, and that’s exactly the daring thing that the science, technology and medicine are attempting to do.

Then we have these mental limitations over which we have influence and control over, because in fact they are just constructs in our heads. Still changing these thoughts we believe to be true does not happen overnight. We need to learn to open our mind and question our beliefs, then we can begin to chip away these limiting beliefs and have more correct sense of the truth.

Once we learn to entertain possibilities, we can begin imagine better or even more wilder future. Instead of judging this, we should ask how this is possible?

 “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” –Muhammad Ali

How can we fly? Well with wings, or broomstick for example? I would prefer jet-pack which is in fact already very viable transportation option.

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