Leadership, sales and teaching


What is in common with these activities? They all overlap each other in the most elusive ways. These three things are inseparable.


…is all about sales, selling ideas, getting results selling the results other way…

…is most of the parts teaching, guiding and reminding.


…is teaching and enlightening the potential customers about the products and services. Without teaching your most important customers wouldn’t even know you or your services exist.

…is leadership from the very start to finish and then again.


…is sales, you sell the contents and the promise of a better life.

…is above all leadership, guiding the knowledge thirsty to the pool of wisdom.


On 2014 I noticed that my definition off sales was really false. It still continues to be, however, through small realization I’ve also come to notice what a potential force sales can be.

I think the Og Mandino’s book Greatest Salesman in the World, might’ve as well been labelled, greatest teacher in the world. This is because as in sales, as in life all growth starts from within us.

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