Purpose Worth Sacrificing For


We have varying amounts of meaning in our lives. I just realized to me writing is the one thing that I am willing to sacrifice each day. No matter how sick or tired I am, I am willing to write. I am not going to give it up.

What is the one thing you are not going to give up?

In addition to the identity, desire and everything, I’ve started to believe there is one thing that drives me to write: self-actualization.

Somehow I believe that although each morning we all wake up and slowly start taking care of our basic needs. Each day we need to build and fulfill the basic needs of our hierarchy of needs to a point where we can start to self-actualize.

With more resources or stronger discipline and habits this level can be more easily reached each day. Some can reach it right away, while others like me take the whole day to build up to the level.

Although I love mornings, I love evenings as well, because then it’s the time to squeeze out the last drops of creative juice I’ve in me. Of course whatever or not I am able to do that is decided a lot earlier than in the evening when I finally get to my writing.

People with purpose, will find a way.

And you can find your purpose, and a way too. Think hard what is it you can and you want to do?

Victor Frankl when he was in concentration camp, found a way to piece by piece start rewriting his lost book.

That’s a hopeful story that even under the most horrific conditions; humans with a sense of purpose will find a way do something for the purpose.

In life we’ve freedom, but with that freedom comes responsibility. Actually the more responsibility we take, the more powerful we get.

Regardless of what your current situation is, there must be way fulfill your purpose. Start small, by doing 5 or 10 minutes a day something that drives towards you to purpose.

You will find a way to devote more time to your purpose.



Recommended reading

Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.

Tom Rath’s Eat Move SleepEat Move Sleep

Seth Godin’s Linchpin

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