What are Worthwhile Problems in the World?


Big part of this morning was to have internal dialogue with myself in order to clarify what to do with my life goals. These goals are the kind of metrics in order to stay track for the bigger purpose. However, if possible, shouldn’t I be serving the bigger purpose right now? I’ve failed to define the big purpose clearly.

I am big fan of Elon Musk, because he identifies problems and comes up with really good solutions that are better than everything that has existed before. He has done this time and time again, I was awed today as I saw the solar roof unveiling presentation.

I am angry at myself, because I have not defined even what are the most important problems in the world that need to be solved, so that I could be working at them.

As an example, I was quite recently checking out one solar roof company here in Finland. At the end I deemed that it was quite nice idea, however it was still passionless and costly. Now as I see the Tesla & SolarCity solution, I am awed.

What is the difference? There is huge difference in communicating the mission, purpose and vision.

However, I do not blame the companies, because each one of us should define our own mission clearly as possible first. Then if we cannot find any organizations that align with that purpose, I believe we should organize ourselves.

What are the problems you want to solve in this world?

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