Start Building Your Legacy Today


Writing has been me the way to develop and clarify my thinking. Writing is a good way to do that, however the potential of writing is much more: I can describe and communicate what I’ve learned.

Yesterday as evening as I had done with my evening meditation, I was thinking about the shortness of life: how to live without regrets? I understood that indeed each day and moment are gifts, we should use them in a way that contribute that higher purpose.

In my case I understood that after me would still remain my writing and each day I’ve chance not only improve my own writing, but to give out my very best, because this is indeed what remains.

I like reflection, journaling and learning. In fact I had a vision to write journals and then to use them as material to memoirs at older age. Now I understand and realize that I do not have to wait.

Whatever your thing is, find ways to start today.

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