Six Tips to Get More Learning Out of Your Reading


As I’ve read increasing amounts of books now through the year, I’ve learned a very important lessons as well about both quantity and quality of the reading.

I read mostly nonfiction and my primary purpose is self-education, learning and broadening my perspectives. Previous year I read maybe two dozen or so books, depending on what I count. This year my goal has been 36 books which is looking good.  Many people read more, however many also a lot less.

As my reading has steadily increased, and continues steadily to increase, I’ve been worried that if I am becoming actually a self-help junkie? Prompt answer was no, as what I try to do is to apply a lesson or preferably two from the book right away to my life if possible and most of the time it very well is.

I think everyone should read and apply what they read more.

To get more out of your reading:

  1. Find and buy the most relevant books for your current situation.
  2. When reading, think how you can apply this right away to my life?
  3. Take notes or use digital such as Kindle notes.
  4. Review & revisit your notes after a day, a week and a month to reinforce learning.
  5. Reflect on your journal about what you’ve applied and how it worked.
  6. Ask yourself can this be developed even further?

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