Working for the dreams


Today I would like to expand on day before yesterday topic about from problems to positive problems.

Continuing still the insights from the book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson is definitely the “just do something” –principle. Better start doing something and thus start chipping away the big goal.

It’s because procrastinating is comfortable and the suffering of work towards dreams is not so.

What is your dream?

My dream is to see more fulfilled human potential on earth. I believe that through giving we all in the end get more. I do this mainly by clarifying my thoughts into writing first and then also discussing about them.

I write every day and on most days I do other things as well as towards this dream.

What do you do towards your dream? Today? Tomorrow?

While reading Manny’s book, I realized while reading that there are many others actions too that I could be doing and should be doing. It’s easy the comfort in habits and especially after we have already have accomplished the minimum.

However, if we want to reach for a dream it would be good to do a bit of extra. Even small deeds each moment can compound or grow in years into something great.

What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?

What are you willing to do or “suffer” for your dreams?

In my personal life I’ve chosen many things over others. As a most recent change which I am quite proud of is the fact that I am reading more instead of watching TV shows or playing games. I believe that the published works are one of the most qualified forms of content out there.

As I am trying to communicate ideas that change behavior, I feel like it’s very important to get quality ideas in.


(Picture 1. Input-Output).

As in the picture 1, it’s critical therefore to select the quality ideas at the left side, then remember to keep doing things on the right side. I guess this could be called the pareto principle of creative process: absorb highest quality ideas that one can find and then create a lots of output out of that. I believe through this process one will learn and things will get done.

Life is constantly imperfect and perfection cannot be achieved. Yet I would say comfort requires challenger and a question everyone can ask: is this the best I can do?

We can only do our best, yet many of us fail to even try. Everyone does at times, however therefore there is the concept of effort and conscious struggle against that which is easy, versus that which is hard.

At the present we are crafting the future. We can make impact even to the present, by being present and doing our very best. This is mindfulness, this is peacefulness. We are on our way to the mastery through which we and others will realize our dreams, not because they are possible, but because our work has made them possible.

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