Priority Categories: Critical, Big and Small


From the game of Go, I’ve learned prioritizing method which I’ve then successfully applied in life. As in the game, in life the priority order works in the framework of a day very well.

  1. Critical things are those, urgent that should be done immediately. I consider these critical priorities as health, loving, meditation and curiosity. With critical things, there is no negotiation they are the necessities for good and meaningful life.
  2. Big things are then the things that give more meaning, there are things like work, experiences, writing and reading.
  3. Small things are the last, if there any energy remains, these have to do with secondary things such as aesthetics, enjoyment and entertainment.

What is critical for your life? What about big? And small?

Essentially with this, it’s easy to plan the day around. Critical things have to be done first, big things second and small things if time and energy remains.

Clarify what each of these categories mean to you and you’ve a guideline to plan your days better. Clarifying to which category each action goes ahead of time, saves time and energy when you do not need to negotiate with yourself anymore what is more important or what should be done first.

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