Rising Above the Everyday Work



Humankind is about to grow over the boring and necessary work thanks to the machine power and advances in machine learning. Mostly this change is desirable.

Not all areas get the attention at once, that takes time, but once the tipping point is reached there is no turning back.

This is still further into the future. In the present we still are even paid to do many things, to exchange our time for some kind of robotic feat.

While exchanging some time for money is fine; however what is the bigger purpose we are sacrificing some of our precious time? What about sacrificing other things like values?

Our integrity is something we shouldn’t sacrifice under any circumstances. Time is one thing we cannot get more of, so we have to be really careful about how we are going to use it.

Is your work best you can give? Could there be something bigger inside of you?

What if the mundane work would be unnecessary, what would you do then?

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